Learn How to Use Constant Contact Email Marketing to Get Results

Easy steps, real-world tips and ideas, plus a little secret sauce.

This practical easy-to follow on-line course allows you to watch the video lessons at your own pace. You'll have access to these informative, easy to follow lessons for one year.

What makes this on-line training special:

For several years we have offered Constant Contact training in our local area, now you can take this course on-line at your own pace and get a full year of access as well as entry into our private Facebook Group for even more support.

THIS COURSE IS so much more than a techie-how-to class; ITS BASED ON OUR EXPERIENCE AND WHAT WE’VE LEARNED BY SETTING UP CAMPAIGNS FOR OUR CUSTOMERS - for over 20 years, we’ve been helping our customers come up with creative ideas to promote their services, events and products. We work on so many interesting projects and most of them involve a Constant Contact component.  

Being creative, strategic and communicating with the target audience is what HUTdogs Art of Promotion is all about.

This class is a direct result of our real-world experience. 

We are sharing our tricks and strategies. In this course we spend time really walking you through Constant Contact tools showing you not only what buttons to push but we also throw in best practices, tips, tricks, strategies and things that we have done for our clients that get results. 

We’re basically giving you our secret sauce.

We’ve packed this training full of information that’s easy to consume and understand. Each training module has a an easy to follow instructional video that comes with a handy cheat sheet and action steps that keep you on track and help you get things done.

Who is this course for:

  • Maybe you are the do-it-yourself-type business owner that wants to learn how to use Constant Contact and add it to your monthly mix of marketing.
  • Maybe you are a marketing professional that wants to offer Constant Contact services and you need training.
  • Maybe you want to use this as a training tool for your staff or your team so everyone is on the same page with the same understanding of Constant Contact.
  • Maybe your interns or volunteers need to be trained.

No matter how you choose to use this, you will have access to the course  for a year - we will add updates if anything changes.

You will also have access to a private Facebook Group where you can ask us questions and interact with others, share ideas and get valuable support .

For years we have been helping people understand how to use Constant Contact and every year we have had several hands-on Constant Contact classes that have been well-received. We are Constant Contact Solution Providers and help our clients every day with their digital marketing needs and training.

People across the country who are not able take our live in-person classes have been begging us forever to do a course on-line. They wanted an on-line, on-demand training course to help them better understand how to use Constant Contact and to help them spark ideas and strategies for their businesses and non profits.

We are happy to announce that this is training course they have been asking for! HUTdogs How to Use Constant Contact training course will walk you through the how-to steps and give you insight, ideas and real-world examples about using Constant Contact Email Marketing for your business or non profit.

About the Training Course:

What’s brilliant about this course is that you can take it at your own pace. When you purchase the course, you get a full year of access as well as entry into our private Facebook group where you can get even more support, ask questions and show us samples and share ideas with other participants. 

This training course is divided into easy to follow lessons. Each lesson will have practical ideas, how-to, strategies and best practices. We will walk you through the tools and provide experienced insight that you can apply to your marketing campaigns.

The learning modules include:

  • How to easily create a Branded Master Template
  • How to build your email campaign
  • An insightful overview of Constant Contact's many editing tools
  • How to create lists
  • Using the Contacts feature
  • How to upload a list
  • Ideas on ways to grow your list
  • Using Auto-responders
  • Building a Welcome Email for your new subscribers
  • Creating Forms
  • A/B test and segmentation
  • Ideas for Subject Lines
  • Using the Reporting feature
  • Ideas for Content Campaigns that get results

When you complete this training course, you will not only learn how to use Constant Contact's tools, but you will also get an experienced digital marketer's inside perspective on ideas, strategies and real-world applications that get results.

*Purchases made before November 10, 2018 will have up to 1 year of access to the course. Purchases made after November 10, 2018 will have up to 6-months of access to the course.

HUTdogs Training : How to Use Constant Contact

24/7 access to the course

This on line course offers you the how-to as well as real-world tips, tricks, ideas and secret sauce for using Constant Contact Email Marketing to get results. The course includes 12 easy to follow lessons, best practices, handy worksheets for the lessons, PLUS a look at what's new in Constant Contact. Access to the course is all On-line. Watch the lessons at your own pace, when and where you want. You will simply need internet access. During your course term you can watch, re-watch and review the lessons as you see fit. Access to the course will only be available until December 2019.

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