Q. How does this course work?

A. When you purchase the course, you’ll have 24/7 on-line access to all of the lessons. When you sign up, you will decide on a user name and password for your account. This will give you access to the course materials. Plus you will also be invited to join the exclusive Facebook Group where you can ask questions and find support. Simply login and select the lesson you want to take.


Q. What do I get in the course?

A. The course has instructional videos and handy worksheets. It all stems from over 20 years of experience as marketers creating real-world results for our clients. The course is divided into 12 step by step lessons each lesson will have an instructional video that you will watch right on-line. Each lesson also has a handy worksheet available for you to download as a PDF. Plus we will be adding BONUS lessons periodically.


Q. How long will I have access to the course?

A. You’ll have 24/7 access to the course during your course term. Your term starts when you purchase the course. This gives you plenty of time to learn and review at your own pace.


Q. During my year of access, will you be offering more ideas or lessons?

A. Learning is an ongoing process and we will be updating the materials if needed. We will also be adding What’s New items that Constant Contact may have added to their tool.


Q. Do you offer a refund?

A. No. We do not offer any refunds.


Q. What’s the Facebook Group all about?

A. The Exclusive Facebook Group is all about community and support. It’s a private group and is only available by invitation. When you purchase the course, we’ll send you an invite. The FB group is a powerful bonus to the actual course. It is a place where you can network, ask questions, offer your own insight and experience to others in the group. Plus we will have live Q & A sessions in the FB Group.


Q. I don’t have time to take the course during normal business hours. Can I watch the course at night when I have more time?

A. Absolutely. The course is all on-line and on-demand. Simply log in and watch your lessons when you like.


Q. Do I need to watch all of the lessons before I can send an email?

A. No, The course is set up so that the first few lessons will cover the basics and get you ready to send great emails. Then remaining lessons will help you really turn things up a notch and become a power user.


Q. How long will it take to watch the videos?

A. It depends on your learning style. Some folks like to watch all the lessons at one time. Others may watch each lesson several times over a period of time. Since it is all on-demand, you can create your own learning schedule.


Q. How many lessons are there?

A. The course has 12 videos lessons that logically walk you through How to Use Constant Contact. Plus each lesson has a handy worksheet that you can download.


Q. How long are the video lessons?

There are 12 lessons in the How to Use Constant Contact Email Marketing to Get Results course. The average run time is about 18 minutes per lesson. Some may be a bit longer and others will be a bit shorter.


Q. I already use Constant Contact. Why should I take this course?

A. We’ve found that most Constant Contact users aren’t taking advantage of some of the email marketing tools that are offered, which can make their campaigns more engaging. They are simply doing the bare minimum and their campaigns could use improvement. This course not only shows you the “how to”, we also offer ideas, strategies, tips and time savers that can improve your email marketing campaigns. Plus, it never hurts to learn a new trick or two.


Q. I work in an office and we don’t have a dedicated marketing person, so, a few of use need to coordinate our email marketing. How can our team use this course?

A. The course is a great way to train your internal team on how to use the tools and inspire engaging ideas and bring everyone up to speed. We’ve found that when a team learns and understands how to do it, they become more efficient and motivated to take on the task. Having a convenient way to train your team will save you time and the headache of doing it yourself.


Q. I want to use this to train my in-house staff. Do I need more than one account?

A. The account is specific to a single person / small business. You're welcome to share the login access with your immediate in-house staff, but sharing access with any outside third-party is strictly prohibited.


Q. We have an outside agency / contractor that does our email marketing. Can they access our account to watch the lessons?

A. No. The course is intended for individual use. Your agency or contractor will need to purchase the course as well.


Q. Who should take this course?

A. This course is designed to help businesses and non-profits that are using Constant Contact for email marketing. Individuals who want to do-it-yourself but need to learn how, non-profits that need to train their staff or volunteers, businesses who need to train their team, small businesses that want to improve their email marketing efforts, organizations that need to communicate with their audience.


Q. When is the best time to start?

A. If you have customers the time is now. Reaching your audience is important. If you aren't hitting their inbox, your competition is.


Q. Does this course include a subscription to Constant Contact?

A. No. You will need to have your own Constant Contact account.


Q. I don't have Constant Contact. How do I get it?

A. If you don't have an account click here to sign up for your Constant Contact account.


Q. How can I join your email list?

A. If you would like to get email updates from HUTdogs Training and HUTdogs, you can sign up here.


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