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HUTdogs helps businesses and non-profits market their business and products both on-line and off. For nearly two decades HUTdogs has been helping people create their brands and promote their business. 

We are a creative services business (graphic design, digital marketing, email marketing, etc.) that also trains and coaches business owners, marketing staff, non-profits, marketing department heads, entrepreneurs and other creative agencies how to get results using today's digital marketing tools.

We are known for our hands-on workshops, webinars, educational seminars, coaching and training. We have a creative, marketing and real-world perspective when we are teaching. If it is working for our clients and our business we talk about it. We focus on the Art of Promotion.

The Art of Promotion is not just about the how-to, but it also highlights time-saving tips, tricks, ideas, creativity and what is getting results.

We teach from real-world experience that gets results.

HUTdogs is based out of Los Angeles California and is a Certified Solution Provider for Constant Contact. Over the years we have presented workshops and educational seminars to thousands of people (we even helped pioneer an educational speaking program with Constant Contact). We still conduct live seminars, webinars and hands-on workshops and hope to see you at one soon.

But, people who can’t attend our live workshops and trainings have been begging us forever to do a course on-line. That time is now. Welcome to HUTdogs Training.

We are happy to announce our How to Use Constant Contact on-line course. What’s brilliant about this on-line course is that you can take it at your own pace. You'll get access to the on-line lessons and worksheets,as well as entry into our private Facebook page where you can get even more support, ask questions and show us samples and share ideas with other participants.  

It's a great way to learn about how to use Constant Contact Email Marketing, whether you are new to it or even for those who have used the tool but know that they could be doing much more.

Business owners, non-profits and other organizations that need to get their marketing staff up to speed will truly appreciate the value of this training course. Each lesson in the course will include an easy to follow instructional video and will also have tips, tricks, ideas and real-world secret sauce that get results.

MJ, HUTdogs Chief Creative Officer, is your teacher. Her creative and practical approach will guide you through the course. In the video tutorials, she focuses on how you can be more effective and efficient by providing you with tips and time saving ideas.



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