10 Ideas for Your October Email Campaigns

email tips and ideas Oct 03, 2018

The holidays are a great time to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Which means it is time to get creative with your marketing ideas and have a little fun.

Here are 10 ideas for spooky-good email campaigns:

  1. Take a picture of your team in costume and simply wish a happy Halloween. At the bottom of the emails  give some type of update about your business or team. For example: “By the way, we are gearing up for a big sale on November 3, stay tuned.” Or add a coupon.
  2. Send a list of the best places to trick or treat in your area or list of local Halloween events
  3. If you sell Halloween products, do a 2-day spook-tacular flash sale 2 weeks before Halloween
  4. Have people vote on the best costume or pumpkin carved: show pictures of the costumes or pumpkins, add a quick poll and ask them to vote on the best one. Subject line: “We need your help to pick the winner of our staff pumpkin carving contest.”  At the bottom, include a coupon for participating.
  5. If you have a physical location, Invite your customers to stop by for tricks, treats and a very scary good deal
  6. October is “Adopt a shelter dog” month - help promote a local rescue with a picture of a dog in a Halloween costume. Tell them why your business supports the cause.
  7. October is National Diabetes Month: List places that you can turn in your trick or treat candy
  8. October 29 is national Frankenstein Day: Share pictures of Frankenstein in your place of business interacting with customers and staff.
  9. Have a contest. Take a picture of a jar full of candy corn, ask people to guess the number in the jar (direct them to a form where they enter their name, email and their guess). The person closest wins something really good. Announce the winner in a second email and then give everyone a discount available for a limited time. example: “congratulations to our candy corn winner, _________. He/she won a ________.”  Everyone who participated gets 25% off of ______ coupon.
  10. Feature one of you team members with a quick interview about how they celebrate Halloween and include other fun “get to know them” details.  Add a fun picture.

NOTE: Don’t forget the Halloween emoji in the subject line 👻 🎃


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