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Easy to follow instructional videos walk you through how to use today's online tools while providing you with practical tips that will save you time and get results.

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Discover ideas, tips and time-saving strategies

Learn at your own pace. Learn How to Use Constant Contact Email Marketing and or choose the Facebook Advertising Made easy course. Both can be powerful.

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Systems that work in the Real-World

Real-world know how and systems for digital marketing. These courses are ideal for marketing managers, small business folks and entrepreneurs.

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Get up and running quickly.

Email marketing, Facebook advertising and other platforms can be a lot to learn and can be overwhelming. Especially, when you also have a business to run. We train from a real-world perspective. We show the How-to but also offer ideas and suggestions that we find are getting results for our clients.

The self-paced courses help you learn quickly. It does take a little  time to watch the instructional videos, but the courses are designed to get you familiar with the basics, give you ideas, as well as learn a few advanced techniques that can help you promote your business and stand out from the competition.

Dedicating a little time to watch the instructional videos will help you hit the road running.

Facebook Advertising Made Easy

Facebook advertising can be complicated but it doesn't need to be. In the two-week course Facebook Advertising Made Easy, we simplify how your business can gain exposure with an audience that matters. The tutorials are easy to follow and break down the how-to while also providing ideas and insights that get results.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Training

Become an Email Marketing Power Uers

How to Use Constant Contact - 2-week crash course


Take a sneak-peek at the Constant Contact course

Lesson 7, in the Constant Contact courses, is all about creating eye-catching subject lines. Here is a quick snippet of the lesson.


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HUTdogs Training Goes On-Line

We have been helping business owners, non-profits, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs with their marketing for more than two decades.

Our Hands-On Workshops are very popular but not everyone can attend. Many people across the country have asked us to have an on-line training course that they could access at anytime. The on-line courses let you access HUTdogs Training when and where you like.

On Demand Learning

The self-paced courses are divided into several easy to follow lessons. Each lesson has a video tutorial with instructions on how-to use the tools as well as tips, ideas, and real-world applications that get results.

It's all designed to build your know-how and confidence for your digital marketing.

Handy Worksheets

Along with the instructional videos, the lessons in the Constant Contact trainings also have handy worksheets available, that you can download and use to help keep you moving forward with your on-line marketing.

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How to use today's online tools to get results is just click away.

What They Are Saying


"Thank you for an excellent class on Constant Contact. I've used Constant Contact for over 10 years. It's changed so much and I learned a lot from the class. I highly recommend your online classes to anyone!"

- Elaine, Phoenix AZ


“Just wanted you to know, I've gone through my first lesson, and it was smooth as silk. Constant Contact has added more templates, but I found the ones you used, and your instructions are very clear. I'm moving along in my email campaign. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!”

– Elizabeth, Ventura CA


“I'm so lucky to have HUTdogs in my corner!”

- Donna, Los Angeles, CA


“You are so on top of things.  Thank you! You are so much better at this than I am.  It’s perfect.” 

– Sue, Phoenix, AZ


“Great online session!!”

– Alex, Dallas TX


“HUTdogs has great trainings for Constant Contact. I learned so much from them! Xoxox”

– Kerri, Long Beach CA


“Love your trainings. You guys are the best!”

– Sue, Pasadena CA


“Good info… time well spent.”

– Carol, San Diego, CA


“This was super helpful!”

– Edwin, Austin TX

These courses were built to help entrepreneurs, the do-it-yourself (DIY) marketers, small business owners, non-profits, creative agencies as well as marketing department managers that want to help their team learn and understand how to use Constant Contact Email Marketing, Facebook and other platforms.

The on-demand instructional videos go over the how-to and beyond.  Whether you are a small business, non-profit, creative agency or a marketing manager / department head, the self-paced courses will help you save time, inspire ideas and provide you and your team with a solid knowledge base for your on-line marketing campaigns.

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